Haulsim – Mining Fleet Simulation

Haulsim is used to deliver an accurate representation of any mining operation.

Use Haulsim to connect your fleet assets, mining operational plans and your resources to build a ‘digital twin’ of your mining operation (open pit or underground)

Dynamic Decision Making

HAULSIM is the only mining simulation software that can quantify the impact of changes as the models reflect the complex and dynamic nature of a mine site in its entirety; with a 3D Discrete Event Simulation (DES) engine, at its core. This includes the variability, interactions and dependencies that occur in these systems. Haulsim simulation modelling software was developed with a multi-application approach in mind to enable dynamic decision making capabilities for mines to run a digital twin of its operations in parallel.

What-If Scenarios

Decisions to a mine haulage system can be based on real data, giving the user the ability to test multiple ‘why’ and ‘what-if’ scenarios to reduce operating costs through optimised performance, and ensure overall operational safety and efficiency.
Fourier-E has conducted various consulting projects to assist mining clients with capital expenditure decisions. Simulation modelling is extensively used in this process by considering various “what-if” scenarios.


Mine plans and layouts are imported into Haulsim to enable a scalable simulation model. The Haulsim elements are synchronised to the layout scale. Exact and similar to real life modelling environment is created.


The geological properties of the mine plan can be imported to provide an ore grade profile. Standardised material properties are included to minimise modelling set-up which includes swell factors, loader bucket fill factors and associated load times.

Road Network & Traffic Rules

Haulsim allows the user to introduce the road network onto the layout or utilise the import function if specified. Road network changes can be implemented with ease and the model can quickly view and evaluate differences. In addition, specific traffic rules can be applied to any portion of the road network, which include one-ways, dual carriage, stop street and traffic priority.


Haulsim contains an extensive list of mining equipment (including excavators, shovels, rope shovels, mining trucks – tippers and articulated dump trucks, conveyors and other units). The drag and drop functionality includes a vast number of properties including rated payload, net power, costing data elements (this can also be user defined) and operating data.

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