Evaluate the equipment configuration together with different schedules and mine designs


Verified equipment configuration and automation procedures

1. Problem Statement

The mine required assistance in relation to:

  • Analysing and validating the mining fleet requirements for the Production requirements;
  • Mine design improvement (relating to number and location of ore passes and truck passing points);
  • Development of an operational model for benchmarking purposes.

2. Solution Approach

The project was executed in a phased approach with Phase 1 having the main function of extracting information from the operational process to serve as input to the simulation model consisting of the following elements:

  • Process analysis (including as-is activity mapping);
  • Data gathering;
  • Simulation model concept design (a blue print for the model).

Phase 2 consisted of the model development and Phase 3 of the scenario analysis and recommendations

3. Project Outcomes

  • Mapped processes
  • Procedural information relating to the automation of equipment
  • Verification of throughput volumes based on specific equipment configurations