Do you have end-to-end visibility of your manufacturing supply chain to identify improvement opportunities and manage daily operations?

Do you have a site master plan for the short-medium-and strategic longer term? Are you able to adapt to future changes (technology, demand fluctuations etc.)?

The Fourier-E team operates as manufacturing specialists, having successfully transformed and influenced several manufacturing plants, portfolios and operations over recent years. With our extensive experience in the South African manufacturing landscape, we have been designing, improving and digitalising manufacturing operations with our proven tools, techniques and design principles.


Digitalisation and Automation

Create a digital twin of your manufacturing operation to evaluate throughput, test scenarios and determine required resource capacity.


Benchmark and Improve

Comprehensive manufacturing assessments and benchmarking to identify opportunities for improvement and derive implementation roadmaps.


Facility Layout & Design

Create a site master plan for your facility that include site layout, flow, capacity and capability. See your future state modelled in 3D with the option of adding simulation modelling as well.


CAPEX Decision Support

We assist with the development of business cases to support the decision making processes involved in large scale CAPEX projects, including feasibility studies, financial/risk modelling and conceptual design and simulation.


Sales & Operations Planning

Reduce the amount of inventory in your supply chain by balancing the supply and demand.  Manage your inventory levels to balance your production line output requirements and adapt to seasonal fluctuations.


Manufacturing Excellence

Design and manage focussed continuous improvement initiatives with Lean, Six Sigma and TOC applications. Monitor and track success with our manufacturing intelligence tools.

Manufacturing Intelligence

Organisation wide data driven decision making through measurement and visualisation. Integrate multiple data sources in order to improve day-to-day operations (incl. equipment, ERP, manual reporting, maintenance= and financial systems), to create end-to-end visibility across the supply chain.

Our world class products to take your manufacturing supply chain forward.

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