Our Business

In today’ s environment where business are faced with volatility, uncertainty and complexity, it has become imperative to establish resilient operations that deliver value that ultimately results in real growth, improved profitability, enriched quality and brand reputation.

Fourier-E believes that real solutions are derived when EXCELLENCE is compounded by VALUE. We pride ourselves in specialising in SOLUTIONS CONSULTING, with value-adding solution embedded across a variety of industries already – Banking, FMCG, Manufacturing, Telecoms, Warehousing, Services, Retail and Agriculture.

Our Industrial Engineers ensure that processes are validated, re-engineered and the operations are optimised and visible. The Supply Chain should be geared to deliver predictable quality at the right operational rhythm. Brand protection, profitability and growth are outputs of operational resilience.

Who we are

Fourier-E is rooted in Fourier Approach (Pty) Ltd, a privately owned company that since its inception in 1998, has grown to be a successful entity with a diversified customer base. In June 2014, the Fourier Approach Entity unbundled to form two subsidiaries namely Fourier-E Consultation Services (Pty) Ltd and Fourier IT Innovation (Pty) Ltd. In addition to these entities, Fourier Approach also established the Fourier Recruitment Hub and continued its ownership of significant share in RQTech (Pty) Ltd.

The Fourier-E team operates as cash supply chain specialists, having successfully transformed and influenced several cash management strategies and operations over recent years. Given our extensive experience in other industries and the financial sectors, we have been designing, operationalising and improving cash supply chain capabilities in all the major South African retail banks.

The Fourier Way

Our success is defined by our passion to impart our solution cycle where improvements are made real through adoption and sustained business action. We have a high regard for an organisation’s culture and the subsequent change management that is often required to uplift a capability to a new level of maturity.

This holistic focus is a key differentiator in our solution cycle.

Fourier-E’s approach to solutioning is to combine both best practices and cutting edge optimisation techniques in order to develop the best solution. Knowing that all businesses are unique and on different levels of the maturity curve, solutions are tailored to address

Why Partner with Fourier

Fourier is an established business in South Africa, aiming for growth and prosperity in our business and in our customer base. Our aim is the improvement and betterment of organisations we contribute to. We will ensure VALUE through PASSION in WORLD CLASS services and solutions.

Fourier is not merely a consultancy, services or product supplier, we assist and partner with our customers in the implementation of betterment, in the delivery, implementation and support of solutions and in the measurement of achievement. This approach distinguishes Fourier as the leader in our fields of expertise and the value we bring to the market.