Decision Support

We can help you get clear direction by evaluating and quantifying your improvement opportunities. 

Companies are constantly changing and improving the way they do business, but often the changes aren’t worth the time and investment.

Our Decision Support Value Stream assists clients in evaluating and quantifying improvement opportunities. The impact of strategic, tactical and operational decisions are evaluated in conjunction with capital and operational expenditure requirements. This is performed by means our engineering services that include the following:


Simulation Modelling

Fourier develops simulation models to create digital prototypes of a physical system to predict and analyse performance.  These models assist the users to understand how the business environment will operate under specific business rules and constraints and the impact of changes to these. Simulation modelling is typically used to analyse and validate:

  • Resource utilization and requirements;
  • Fleet size and utilization;
  • Facility layouts (full 3D models are developed to highlight physical interactions);
  • Capacity and throughput analysis;

Data Science

Fourier prescribes to the data transform model whereby data, information, insight and predict forms a continuous cycle to improve stretch and depth of decision making. We make use of latest technological resources and can tap into our industry partners Llamasoft with the platform. This AI-powered enterprise decision platform delivers the science behind faster, smarter decisions across the extended supply chain.


Feasibility Studies

Fourier has adopted an agile approach towards feasibility studies to ensure maximum value is derived from the process. Our studies are broken down into smaller tests to evaluate the viability of proposed concepts. Factors focussed on within studies include:

  • Market feasibility;
  • Technical feasibility;
  • Financial feasibility;

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