What is the ideal mining fleet configuration?  Does the current site layout facilitate flow or is there concealed cycle time waste?

Does your inventory investment ensure the desired level of availability? Learn more about Llamasoft Optimiza.

Fourier-E has performed various projects in the mining and minerals industry ranging from decision support, process analysis, inventory optimisation, fleet optimisation and layout design projects.


Process Analysis

Mapping and evaluation of mining and support processes to improve maturity and introduce measurable results.


System Throughput

Evaluation of entire mining ecosystem to identify bottlenecks and introduce throughput risk mitigation strategies.


Facility Layout Design

Analysis of mine complex facility flow and layout according to best practice design principles. Development of concept designs.


Fleet and Asset Analysis

Use of advanced simulation techniques to analyse and improve fleet size, capacity and configuration.


Business Intelligence

Business intelligence platforms are designed and used for right time decision making utilising data science techniques.


Risk Profile Analysis

Evaluation of site movements across all elements (people, equipment and third parties) to determine safety and risk profile

Inventory Management

Llamasoft OPTIMIZA is a fully integrated modular-based executional tool supporting a wide range of functionality covering demand, inventory & supply planning. Users of OPTIMIZA on average achieve a combination of 10%-25% reductions on inventory costs as well as service level improvements of between 2% – 10%.

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