Increase ore carrying trucks throughput rates


Recommendations on strategic (long term) and tactical (short term) decisions to improve throughput and reduce turn around time.

1. Problem Statement

  • Develop a mine layout that has improved flow and sufficient parking capacity while adhering to safety and environmental constraints;
  • Improve congestion and safety by separating movement of yellow machines, civilians and trucks through proposed layout options;
  • Proposed layout must meet current and future throughput demands;
  • Increase truck throughput and decrease time spent on site;
  • Identify areas for improvement and bottlenecks in the current process;

2. Solution Approach

  • Process mapping of the current outbound logistic system;
  • IOT use to track transporters through the system to gather processing times;
  • Analysis of IOT data;
  • Use of Lean and TOC to analyse the current system and expose the bottlenecks as well as waste processes;
  • Development and validation of a simulation model of the current system;
  • Scenario testing involving layout, operational and automation changes;

3. Project Outcomes

  • Recommendations on strategic layout and automation implementation alternatives as well as short term tactical changes that can be made to improve throughput and turn around times to meet required demand.