Cash Management

Do you have end-to-end visibility of your cash supply chain to identify improvement opportunities and manage daily operations?

How optimised are your facilities (cash centres and branches), and will they be able to adapt to future changes (technology, demand fluctuations etc.)?

The Fourier-E team operates as cash supply chain specialists, having successfully transformed and influenced several cash management strategies and operations over recent years. Given our extensive experience in other industries and the financial sectors, we have been designing, operationalising and improving cash supply chain capabilities in all the major South African retail banks.


Cash Centre Digitalisation

Create a digital twin of cash centre operations to evaluate throughput, test scenarios and determine required resource capacity.


Service Schedule Analysis

Advanced analytics and models to determine the servicing of ATMs, branches and cash centres to reduce supply chain costs.


Facility Layout & Design

Analysis of the flow and layout of branches and cash centres according to best practice design principles. Development of concept designs through 3D simulation modelling.


Fleet and Asset analysis

Reduce CIT costs by improving vehicle scheduling, configuration, routing and planning.  Feasibility studies of alternative logistics models to reduce the cost-to-serve.


Sales & Operations Planning

Reduce the amount of cash in the supply chain by balancing the supply and demand.  Emphasis is placed on increasing velocity of cash through cash centres by optimising cash centre processes and resource configuration.


Supply Chain Analysis

Evaluation of the cash supply chain to identify improvement opportunities (consolidation, movement, new facilities, cash holdings etc.).

End-to-End Visibility and Integration

Organization wide data driven decision making through measurement and visualization. Integrate multiple data sources in order to improve day-to-day operations (incl. compliance, balancing, planning and fault resolution and escalation), and drive improvement within the cash supply chain.

Our world class products to take your cash supply chain forward.

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