Collaborative Supply Chain Planning


A collaborative approach to determine supply chain demand and reduce inventory.

1. Problem Statement

  • The functions of the current cash supply chain operates as silos, this results in increased supply chain costs;
  • In order to improve the supply chain and reduce costs, demand planning and forecasting accuracy needs to be improved;
  • A reactive approach is used to supply demand, by having insights regarding stakeholder requirements will enable a proactive approach;

2. Solution Approach

  • Supply chain stakeholders provide the following data regarding inbound and outbound inventory volumes:
  • Weekly forecasts (inventory requirement for next 7 days);
  • Daily advises (inventory requirement for the next 2 days);
  • Data is cleaned and standardised into a single dataset;
  • The individual forecasts/advises are compared to an aggregated forecast, significant differences are discussed with stakeholders to determine the actual requirement;

3. Project Outcomes

  • A standardised mechanism and procedures to consolidate and interrogate supply chain forecasting and demand planning;
  • Automatic import and data cleaning procedures;
  • Dashboards to analyse forecasts and demand;
  • Scheduled S&OP sessions to discuss opportunities for improvement (this sessions include representatives from various levels within the organisation);