FlexSim – Simulation Software

3D Simulation Modelling and Analysis Software.


3D Simulation Modeling

FlexSim is a powerful 3D simulation software tool designed to model various industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Airports
  • Warehousing etc.

Create stunning visuals that represents your environment to understand what’s really happening.


Advance Analysis

Analyse complex relationships within the system (time, space, variability etc.)
Use ExperFit to calculated statistical distributions. 
 FlexSim combines an array of reporting charts and graphs with life-like 3D objects to create a powerful analysis experience that every member of the organisation can understand.


Flexsim Distributor

Fourier-E is the sole distributor of FlexSim in South Africa and our simulation services offer the following packages:

  • Model development
  • Full developers licenses
  • Run time licenses
  • Training and Support

For more information on Flexim:

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