Determine the fleet requirements and compiled a scope of work for contractor tender purposes


Reduced equipment footprint and improved  contracting methodology.

1. Problem Statement

  • The smelter requested that the material movement requirement (i.e. the number and configuration of Yellow Machines) should be quantified and specified for the tender renewal process.
  • As part of the contract renewal, the entire operational process and fleet allocation (capacity and quantity) should reviewed and improved to unlock savings.

2. Solution Approach

  • As a first step the entire material flow process was mapped on the physical smelter complex. Contractual and actual movements was compared to identify discrepancies;
  • Time studies was conducted for utilisation verification purposes;
  • A simulation model was developed to evaluate potential contractual improvement opportunities by running various scenarios in terms of:
  • The number of yellow machines;
  • The capacity of individual machines;
  • Combining areas of work for various machines;

3. Project Outcomes

  • Detailed scope of works specifying equipment type, capacity and planned utilisation rates.
  • Reduction in fleet size;
  • A 3D Simulation model developed. Model with run-time license to enable continuous scenario and tactical evaluation.