Analysis, design and review of an underground workshop solution that accommodates future growth using best practice design principles & simulation modelling techniques


Strategic Underground Workshop Design.

1. Problem Statement

  • Fourier-E was requested to assist with an underground workshop design, taking into consideration current site layout and functions alongside future state specifications and requirements;
  • The strategic workshop design included the evaluation of the current state (including functional area locations, vehicle specific flow and frequency of services); Conceptual layouts with supporting analysis on findings and recommendations (based on future requirements, design principles and simulation modelling output)

2. Solution Approach

  • Mapping the current workshop (underground and surface) & related flow (incoming & outgoing);
  • Functional area classification and evaluation (proximity matrix) to determine desirable and undesirable functional area groupings;
  • Capacity analysis to determine current and future state of the workshop;
  • Development and evaluation of multiple layout scenarios using design principles;
  • Development of a simulation model to test various workshop configurations, taking into account alternative site locations, distances travelled and time spent on services.
  • Analysing, evaluating and applying best practice design principles to the various layout scenarios;

3. Project Outcomes

  • Various workshop design alternatives alongside their design specifications and requirements.
  • A roadmap to decide on a scenario given specific circumstances.
  • Multiple facility layout alternatives mapped in 3D, for both surface and underground workshops.