Warehouse Site Analysis, Simulation and Design


A model to inform the future state layout and operational requirements to meet the warehouse demand.

1. Problem Statement

  • The warehouse needs to accommodate an average of 75 000 “cases” outbound per day which amount to 100 vehicles. Additionally roughly 60 inbound vehicles arrive with new stock daily;
  • The large amount of vehicles moving through the site results in congestion – leading to shipment delays;
  • Vehicle flow is hindered due to a single gate used for entering and exiting the site;
  • The site has limited vehicle parking & staging which overflow into the road – this results in less flow through the site;
  • Location of certain key activities contribute to congestion (Wash Bays, Fuel Bowsers & Weighbridges);

2. Solution Approach

  • Site Mapping and To-Scale Drawings;
  • Site functions, flow and capability analysis;
  • Operational baseline and future considerations;
  • Gathering and analysis of data relating to current processing times, inbound schedules, outbound throughput, percentage returns and damages, etc.;
  • Development and validation of a simulation model of the current system with current business and processing rules;
  • Scenario testing involving resource allocation and arrival patterns;

3. Project Outcomes

  • Facility design including 3D layout;
  • Constraint Analysis and expansion options;
  • Future state facility capacity design;
  • Delivery of a simulation model representing current site design and flow with scenario testing abilities;