Using simulation modelling to determine the effect of the new South African collision avoidance regulations has on the overall mining production.


Mining production model & scenarios

1. Problem Statement

  • In 2015 regulations were set in place to ensure the implementation of collision avoidance systems (CAS) in TMM’s. The regulations included automatic detection as well as automatic intervention systems.
  • Fourier-E was approached to provide a solution in order to determine the effect the new regulations would have on the overall mine production levels.

2. Solution Approach

  • Mapping the current mine layout, functional areas & related flow (incoming & outgoing);
  • Capacity analysis to determine current and future states of the mining complex;
  • Development of a model which would allow the new CAS systems to be simulated along with various scenarios to determine the effect on production.
  • Analysing, evaluation and application of best practice design principles to the simulation model to determine the best coarse forward;

3. Project Outcomes

  • A roadmap which could be used to minimize the production loss due to the new CAS.
  • A Simulation model of the overall mining operation which could be used for future “what-if” analysis and optimization.