Develop a model to calculate contribution to cash supply chain costs


A model and secured environment were developed to import data (from various stakeholders), store the data, perform trend analysis and calculate invoices per bank for each period.

1. Problem Statement

  • A model is required to calculate each individual bank’s contribution to the supply chain costs.
  • Guidelines and principles to be developed to determine which cash transactions should be included.
  • Invoice contribution should be calculated and distributed periodically.

2. Solution Approach

  • All banks were engaged to ensure that the correct volumes have been submitted and that the principles were followed correctly;
  • All documents uploaded onto a secured hosting environment;
  • Contribution per bank is calculated based on transactional volumes;
  • Invoices circulated to all stakeholders;

3. Project Outcomes

  • Correct volumes are submitted by retail banks for each period;
  • Data hosted in a secured environment;
  • Trend analysis on monthly volumes;
  • Invoices per retail bank are calculated and distributed;