Capability development, upskilling and stock optimization project (Llamasoft Optimiza)


A total stock reduction of more than 5% with a stock availability increase of 2% throughout the supply chain network.

1. Problem Statement

  • Issues with stock availability and stock management process.
  • Lack of specific tool knowledge and limited tool functionality usage throughout the organization.
  • Misalignment between the various systems being used to perform the day to day planning activities.
  • The aim was to improve stock availability, unlock capacity to support future growth and implement standardised best practice planning daily execution rhythms.

2. Solution Approach

  • Define criteria for proof of concept for the stock optimization model linked to the stock reduction methods to be applied.
  • Capability development and upskilling of the material management team.
  • Review system configuration and identify possible optimization opportunities.
  • Statistical analysis on historical transactions to identify volumes and trends.
  • Introduce continuous improvement frameworks.

3. Project Outcomes

  • The change in the daily planning execution rhythms positively affected the stock availability.
  • Identified and implemented automation within the planning and execution processes.
  • Total stock reduction of more than 5% with an availability increase of more than 2% throughout the supply chain.
  • Achieved the overall objective of increasing availability while reducing stock on hand and stock holding costs.
  • Realised proactive supplier management tools and functions.

Key Performance Indicators

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