Design of a FMGC warehouse (size, layout, resources, MHE)


A warehouse design that includes: layout, resource requirement , MHE requirement, bin layout and flow requirements.

1. Problem Statement

  • The client is consolidating multiple facilities into a single facilities, the impact thereof needs to be analysed with focus on:
  • Space requirement per SKU (inside and outside);
  • Number of vehicles entering the facility and the flow thereof;
  • The number of human resources required per area in the facility;
  • The MHE equipment requirement (diesel forklifts, electric forklifts etc.);
  • Different picking and binning strategies must be compared as the warehouse will do both bulk picking and fine picking;

2. Solution Approach

  • Analyse vehicle and inventory transactional data to determine:
  • Vehicle movement trends (type, quantity, seasonality etc.);
  • SKU analysis (storage requirement, movement frequency etc.);
  • CAD drawings were created as a blueprint for the model.
  • Various 3D simulations were run using different combinations of input parameters (entry gates, human resources, MHE, vehicle flow, picking strategies, arrival schedules etc.)
  • Model results were populated in QlikView to compare scenario results;

3. Project Outcomes

  • A 3D Simulation model for both inside and outside warehouse.
  • CAD drawings of the facility (inside and outside), including binning locations.
  • Operational requirements:
  • Human resources and MHE
  • Entry gates and parking bays (collections and deliveries)
  • Bin requirement (per SKU)
  • Vehicle Flow
  • Picking and binning strategies