Manufacturing Benchmarking and Assessment


Evaluated and defined manufacturing capability to align with opportunities for future growth and CAPEX requirements.

1. Problem Statement

  • As part of an extensive strategic intervention, a large FMCG company requested that a total 34 of its manufacturing plants were to be analysed, benchmarked and reviewed with short, medium and long term initiatives identified.
  • The aim was to improve gross margins, unlock capacity to support future growth and implement a standardised organisational blueprint.

2. Solution Approach

  • The Fourier-E Manufacturing Framework was employed to perform a large scale manufacturing assessment across the entire manufacturing profile focussing on:
  • Finance; Labour; Equipment; Facility Layout; Product Mix
  • Manufacturing Capability (OEE, Adherence to plan etc.)
  • The APQC Benchmark standard was used to compare against international standards

3. Project Outcomes

  • Detail manufacturing assessment for each manufacturing facility
  • Opportunities for improvement, presented in business case format highlighting the cost (CAPEX requirement), benefit (savings and capacity) and implementation guidelines
  • Benchmarked performance to be used as baseline for future improvement initiatives