Scheduling of fixed revenue bus routes


Minimisation of bus fleet and non-revenue travel requirements.

1. Problem Statement

  • Large operation with thousands of fixed revenue routes scheduled onto hundreds of buses driving more than 60 000 km per day;
  • Revenue routes have constraints which include the start- and finish- time and locations;
  • Drivers have constraints such as the total working hours, total driving hours and total consecutive driving hours;
  • Buses are constrained by the total distance before refueling and depot selection;
  • Project launched to identify whether improvements can be made on the current schedule in relation to the bus fleet and non-revenue travel requirements.

2. Solution Approach

  • A scheduling algorithm was developed to minimise the bus fleet size required to service all revenue routes whilst minimising the total non-revenue travelling distance;
  • Routes were allocated to buses based on position and time whilst actively adhering to driver and bus constraints;
  • A travel matrix was compiled to establish the minimum travel distances between routes.

3. Project Outcomes

  • Duty master (inclusive of all revenue routes);
  • Reduction in required fleet size (number of buses reduced by 4%);
  • Non-revenue travel distance reduction (11% saving).