Strategic Enrollment Plan: Facility Requirements, Constraints and Opportunities


Visibility on current facilities and the utilisation thereof as well as a road map to accommodate future growth.

1. Problem Statement

  • The university needs to accommodate a growth plan (courses and enrolment numbers);
  • Facilities are required to accommodate the university’s growth (lecture halls, laboratories etc.);
  • Decisions need to be made regarding facilities:
  • Improved scheduling;
  • Acquiring new properties;
  • Upgrading current facilities, etc.
  • Currently there is no visibility on the current facility availability and the utilization of facilities;

2. Solution Approach

  • Determine available facility elements (venues, capacities, locations, configuration etc.);
  • Determine courses/modules and associated requirements (venue type, contact hours etc.);
  • Analyze current scheduling (fixed and ad-hoc schedules);
  • Create centralized dashboards to visually analyze facilities, courses, scheduling etc.
  • Identify areas for potential improvement (data integration, improved scheduling, space utilization);
  • Determine requirements for future growth and identify strategic improvement projects;

3. Project Outcomes

  • Centralized and standardized facility database;
  • Centralized and standardized course/module database;
  • Dashboards to visualize current environment (venues and modules/courses);
  • Identification of current scheduling/planning inefficiencies;
  • Spatial requirement analysis (sufficient/insufficient space for current and future growth);
  • Roadmap to improve current operations (data management, scheduling, visibility etc.);
  • Strategic plans to accommodate growth and new courses in terms of facility requirements;